Our prosthetic treatment begins with a thorough physical examination, a detailed consultation, a prosthetic needs assessment, and the creation of an individual prosthetic treatment plan.


All our patients undergo comprehensive walk/fit prosthesis tests to ensure that we select/design tailored sockets to precisely and comfortably fit the individual anatomical features of the stump.


Because familiarisation and adaptation are critically important, we spend personal time with each patient to tailor individual education and training sessions, incorporating common or specialised activities, such as: walking/running (short/long distances on varying terrain, involving frequent turning, if necessary), working requirements (standing for long periods of time, load lifting, moving in limited spaces, walking backwards, performing repetitive motions), swimming, golfing, horseback riding, caring for children/others, participating in religious rituals, etc.


Trial period and post-prosthetic observation are integral parts of our comprehensive prosthetic treatment program which guarantees that each patient’s prosthesis fits comfortably for both short-term and long-term periods of time.


Children_icon_new copyChild prosthetics

At Queensland Prosthetics we recognise children as a special group of patients with unique needs because of their physical growth and ability to adapt to environmental/living conditions. We orient our prosthetic treatment both to support their physical development, as well as to maintain their physiological gait pattern.


Adult prosthetics

Our adult patients make various, unique demands on their prostheses due to varying lifestyles and professional activities. In planning prosthetic treatments for adults, we take into account as many factors as possible in order to obtain optimal prosthetic outcomes.


Geriatric prosthetics

Working with our geriatric patients, we orient our prosthetic treatment to their aging physical condition, personal habits and health, as well as special needs to provide them with comfortable artificial legs, allowing them to lead active lifestyles.


Running prostheses

All our running prostheses are made in accordance with individualised prosthetic treatment plans. Each running prosthesis is custom-designed, tested, fitted, and adjusted on running tracks.


Specialised prostheses

Because even the most sophisticated prosthesis cannot restore all functions of the natural leg, we can also custom-design individual prostheses for specific activities, such as:  cycling, swimming, horseback riding, golfing, standing/kneeling/lifting/other work activities, etc.



In an osseointegrated prosthesis, the direct connection to the bone heightens perceptions of the all forces affecting the stump through an artificial limb. At Queensland Prosthetics we use a special sets of components to provide a comfortable, active walk on the osseointegrated prosthesis.


Interim_1Interim prostheses

For patients who have never before used an artificial limb, we have designed an individual, long-term treatment  which includes gradual, comprehensive training and controlled adaptation, incorporating regular check-ups to ensure that recovery is progressing smoothly and safely.